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Hello October

The fall season has sweetly approached us here in Arizona, and I'm uber excited. Although 90 degree weather is still lingering in this hot, desert air, our mornings and nights are beginning to become cooler which means more tolerable weather is making its way to the Grand Canyon state. I've been waiting all summer! Spring and fall have always been two of my favorite seasons. They exemplify significant change, one being the ability to let go of the dead things which no longer serve puprose, and the other, embracing new beginnings. I also love the change of wardrobe they offer. I'm a sucker for comfy sweaters and boots!!

High-waisted bottoms are amongst many of this fall season's fashion trends. It's also a favorite of mine. This ribbed, crop sweater is perfect for the cooler season in Arizona. It provides just the right amount of warmth without feeling scorched, and the fabric is very breathable. I recently purchased this Topshop item from Nordstrom Rack. The original price was $50.00; I snagged it for $20! These grey, high-waisted jeans have been in my closet for about 6 or 7 years; when the high-waisted bottoms made their original, infamous come back, I had to have them. I absolutely love these because they are truly high-waist and when worn with a crop top, I can still be comfortable without worrying about showing too much skin. The boots were also a purchase from Nordstrom Rack. Original price, $99.95. Buying price? $34.98!! I've been searching for a pair of these bad boys for a while, and am happy I did not have to spend a lot for such good quality from Ziginy. Grab your favorite bag, accesories, and sunnies to complete the look.

Pairing this sweater with a high-waist skirt is an easy transition outfit for a night on the town, whether it's date night, or going dancing with your girls. This skirt is another piece of clothing I've had for years. Because of my long legs, it seems shorter than it actually is, so I threw on these Calvin Klein textured tights for comfort. I've never owned such smooth and soft stockings! My boots are from Forever 21 and the clutch from Last Chance, a local thrift store.

Ladies, don't waste your money buying items just to have one new outfit in your closet. It's so easy to take a top, a pair of bottoms, and create several new looks with what you already have. Get creative, shop smart, stay true to yourself, and wear what you want.

-joia monet


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