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Shoulder Pads & Harem Pants

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm trying to get a routine to post twice a week, at minimum, in order to prevent you all from becoming bored with looking at the same post everyday. Oh? Am I the only one checking in daily? Multiple times a day? Okay :P

Anyway, the plan was to get this one up before heading to work this morning, but I did a very last minute outfit change. There was nothing wrong with the original one, so you all will get a chance to still see it. I just felt like doing something different and went with it. The sun is setting by the time I get home, and I'm still playing around with the camera settings, so this will be my background for the time being. Don't you just want to take a dip? I actually tried the other day. My big toe said "chill".

I opted for this red blouse I bought from Goodwill a couple of years back. I remember picking it up solely for the shoulder pads. I appreciate that they are subtle enough to pull off a modern, yet chic look. You guys can have the "I'm a model walking the runway fashion show in New York" shoulder pads. That's a bit too dramatic for my taste. Where am I supposed to wear that? Please forgive me as I do not remember how much I paid for this top. It couldn't have been more than $5. Maybe $7 at the most. The material is see through, so wearing something underneath is a must. I chose this black and gold crop top that I purchased from a store in the mall. Nope, I don't know how much it is either. Papaya was the name of the store. I happened upon one of Macy's really good sales and got these pants for $10. I have another pair in a light blue color which were even cheaper, because I left with a coupon that day, and the very next day I was back (only because I was in the area) while the sale was still going. Score!

Tucking one side of the top in versus the entire shirt, is one of my signature looks. I feel it gives the outfit a more laid back and relaxed look. There was actually something on my sleeve when this photo snapped. I wasn't attempting to pose this way, but it got a nice shot of the cinching at the ankles. And my curls are popping! I chose to be very minimal with my accessories in order to bring as much focus to the shoulder pads as possible. And you can never go wrong with a pair of nude heels!

Remember ladies..get creative, shop smart, stay true to yourself, and wear what you want. Until next time :)

-joia monet


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