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Floral & Denim & Boots..oh my!

It's Wednesday again!! That second post of the week never happened. I'm sorry! This weekend was pretty eventful, so I never got around to it as planned. I'm beginning to learn how to manage my time better, but I refuse to beat myself up for not getting a post up when I would. This is still something new, so the routine will become more habitual as time progresses. Hey, it's still October and this is post número tres! I'm quite proud of myself.

This past Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to see Avant in concert with a group of friends. While waiting on them to arrive (they had my ticket), I watched as woman after woman got out of their cars with dresses, skirts, and heels. I'm all for wearing what you want, as you all know, so there was absolutely nothing wrong with what I saw. I just preferred the comfortable approach to being dressed up. I wore a white tank top Saturday, but this light, denim top kept catching my eye while trying to recreate my outfit of the night. I bought it earlier in the year at Charlotte Russe from their clearance section. If there is a clearance section, it's the first place I'm heading for. You never know what you can find, and sometimes don't need to venture anywhere else after. The length of it in the back gives it a dramatic look, but I don't care for the way it looks on if I just wear it as a top.

Which smoothly leads me into this floral jacket I bought from Nordstrom Rack. It was $29.97, and a better price than the original buying one of $65. It may not seem like that great of a deal, but honestly, which price would you pay out of the two? Exactly! I can't tell you where these coral skinnies are from, because they belonged to my older sister of two years. I've always loved her hand-me-downs! I am also in love with these here boots. Now, when people tell me "I don't like shopping at Ross", I have to catch my breath because there is a special place in my heart for it. I do understand that every Ross is not the same. I will drive an extra five minutes to get to one, when there is one literally down the street from my home. I can never seem to find anything there that I like, and I'm okay with it, because there's a new Goodwill store right across the street!

This fringe crossbody is also from Nordstrom Rock. I only paid $9.97 instead of $32. Listen, Nordstrom Rack does not play when it comes to their clearances. If you really search, you can truly leave with some awesome, affordable gems. Oh! I almost forgot. My glasses, that I did not wear Saturday, are from They generally have "trending" looks for an inexpensive score. I've ordered a number of items from them and have been satisified every time.

So tell me, if you were to attend a concert, or an event of the like, what would you wear? I'd like to know!

-joia monét


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