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I know. I know! It's been two whole months since my last post. I apologize because being away so long was not planned. I actually took the pictures for this exact blog post at the end of October with every intention to publish it soon after. But, life happens, and other important events became a priority. My little sister, who has been in the hospital since June, was in very critical condition for a while. I won't go into details, but God performed a miracle, and, although she's still in the hospital, her health is far greater than it was. Around that time, I was also casted as a dancer in the Black Nativity's production this year with the Black Theatre Troupe! The rehearsals were a bit rough. I would work my normal 8 hour shift, and, immediately after clocking out, I headed to the theatre for a 3-5 hour practice. Despite the long days and sore muscles, I wouldn't change doing what I love for anything! The production is actually still taking place, but I have more free time during the week now that we no longer have rehearsals. Joia's back!

A couple of months ago, I had a great opportunity to do some shopping for a friend of mine. Now, I've had a thought or two of the possibility of actually styling, but didn't think the moment would present itself so quickly after pursuing this blog. A date and time was set to meet up and tackle finding her some new items to add to her wardrobe at a decent price. She's a teacher, and we all know they don't get paid as they should. The evening she inquired about this, she complimented me on a jumpsuit I wore, and we agreed upon meeting at the exact store I purchased it by the name of DD's Discounts. If you aren't familiar with this gem, just think of Ross, Marshall's, or T.J.Maxx with even more discounted prices. I only shop there once every few months due to so many pieces of clothing, accesories, and shoes I leave with. I do some serious damage and leave without the guilt of spending too much money!

While finding some items for my friend, I did my best to not search for anything for myself. Granted she is a friend, I still wanted to showcase some type of "professionalism" as she requested me to do this for her. I almost went home accomplishing this until I walked by a rack of dresses; the color is what initially drew me in. Blue is my favorite color, and lately royal blue has been taking over my attire. I seriously can't get enough of it. When removing the dress, the second thing I noticed were the zipper pockets! Once I looked at the price tag and read "$9.99", I made up my mind that I wasn't going to leave without trying it on. It's a light material, so even with the sleeves, this can be a dress that I can wear in each season. With our fairly warm weather in October, and the length of the dress, I chose to leave my legs bare versus wearing a pair of stockings. This grey vest was gifted to me by my grandmother who knows my taste in clothing so well. These boots should look familiar to you all. If not, make your way to my first post, "Hello October", so that they can be :). A simple pair of earrings, a statement necklace, and a few bracelets/bangles complete the look effortlessly.

It's very easy to get sucked into believing you have to drop tons of money in order to complete an outfit. I made a $10 investment on a piece that I can re-create every time I decide to rock it, with other items I already have. Having a closet full of clothes is not beneficial and a complete waste if you are unable to repeat them. Essential pieces are the foundation of personal style, and with a strong foundation, the possibility of creatvity is endless. As always, shop smart and stay true to you.



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