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Wool Sweaters x Denim Skirts

Heeeeeeeyy!! It's been a while, huh? Another two months to be exact. Geez, I've been slackin'. But with good reason!! For those of you who know me, know that I am a dancer, and was asked to be a full time dancer for my choreographer friend, Janelle! A lot of my time has been dedicated to shooting vidoes for her recent business launch, and practicing for upcoming events here in the valley. One of which is this Monday, for the American Airlines's black history month program. Although it can be very tiring, I'm so thrilled and thankful to be able to continue doing the very thing that I love!! God is bringing this dream that I've had for such a long time to fruition, and I am enjoying every second of this journey. Today was a "free day" for me, so I chose to finally get my blog updated for you all!! I'm actually visiting my little sister at the moment, and we're overdosing on VH1's "I Love New York". This show was such a mess!

Over the past couple of weeks, Arizona's weather has made a drastic increase from the cool 50-60 degrees, to the mid-80s. Bipolar! I decided this look would be the perfect match. Honestly speaking, I'm not ready for the change in "season" yet. It's entirely too early in the year for this heat. I mean, of course, I'm happy to have this over the freezing snow, but still. Haha. Too dang early! Anywhoo, Burlington Coat Factory has become one of my favorite places to shop. Again. Before frequenting there in the recent months, it had been a long period of time since stepping foot into the department store. During the theatre rehearsals for the play I danced in, back in December, I had a two hour window every Friday between work and arriving at the theatre. As expressed in my last post (you should just go ahead and read it again, because it's been so long!), Ross is my fav! Well, BCF is in the same shopping plaza, which is not too far from work. One Friday after leaving Ross, instead of going to my car, I strolled down the sidewalk, passed Target, and randomly into BCF. I immediately remembered why I shopped there!

This cream, wool sweater, denim, skater skirt, and these bright, neon orange heels were all purchased from BCF. They all would have been bought during the same trip, but I was hesitant about the sweater. I can be pretty clumsy, and am not too well with keeping white items clean. With that in mind, I removed it from my cart (I was SHOPPING y'all), and put it back on the rack. I was already hooked when I saw this skirt on the hanger, and when it fit perfectly around my waist in the dressing room, it had to be in my closet. There was no question. Oh! And the price was $9.99!! Uhhh, yeah. Definitely coming home with me. These Jessica Simpson heels drew me in for the obvious reason. I love bright colors and will boldly wear them even in the cooler months (#iWearWhatiWant). The other reason I wanted them was because most of my high heels are either black or nude. And the last reason? You guessed it! The cost!! The original buying price was $59.99. I gave BCF $16.99, plus tax, for these beauties. A pair of heels and dope skirt for under $30. I will take it!

"Joia, what about the sweater?". Sooooo..the following Friday, I found myself in BCF yet again. Don't judge me! I kicked myself for not leaving the store with it after describing it to my mom. With high hopes, I aimed straight for the junior's, sweater section and searched for it. Y' was gone! Noweheret to be found! I knew someone had to have been watching me, and as soon I put it down, she snagged it up! A bit saddened, I roamed to the clearance section, and....there my sweater was!! For $9.99 now! If y'all could've seen me grab it, you would probably think there was seriously something wrong with me. Haha. I did try it on before buying it, because the original one I saw was a size medium, and the one in my hand, a large. The fit couldn't have been any better. I'm all for loose fitting tops, and the inside lining of it is so comfy!! It keeps me nice and warm, and the wool texture is super cute. My accessories are a mixture of purchases from Charming Charlie's and a thrifted gift. A complete outfit for less than $50!!!

I apologize for being away so long y'all. Thanks to everyone who is still supporting me in this new venture. It truly means so much to me! Posts will be updated more frequently, in the near future. As always, shop smart, stay true to you, and wear what you want!!



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