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Last weekend, I had an awesome opportunity to partake in two of my favorite things: dance and style (fashion)! Saturday, was the Caribbean Jerk Festival in Tempe and, Sunday, the Natural Haircare and Health Expo in Phoenix. Let me just point out that I've lost a considerable amount of weight in the past couple of months. The bottom of these harem-fitted pants would not stay put! I've always had skinny legs, but having to adjust them with every single pose got old fast. Losing weight was not a concious effort, and appreciate that, because I've learned I'm not that big of a fan of working out. I mean, come on, how many people do you know who are ecstatic about exercising. Exactly! Dancing has always been my source of getting/remaining in shape. I'm already summer ready y'all!!

When we snagged a spot in the natural hair event to perform, there was also an open, model call with little to no experience required. Initially, I wasn't interested. Growing up, I've been told on many occasions that I should model, but I never had any desire to. My mother always loves to remind me of "that one time she had to drag me across the stage" when I was a toddler. I've never been a fan of attention. To this day, I get a little bit of anxiety when all eyes are on me. Long story short, I did end up being selected as a hair model in the show. It was actually a pretty dope experience. Having only about a minute to change from my dance costume immediately after our performance into the all white outfit and onto the runway, was eventful. And stressful, because I didn't think I was going to make it!! Oh! And how about mom tagged me in a post on facebook the night before of a compilation of professional models falling as they walked the cat-walk! My nerves were bad!!! I made it through with all of my required clothing and accesories, and thankfully, didn't break my ankles in the process! Would I do it again? I'm not sure. Honestly, I would be okay if that was my first and last, grown up modeling experience.

This super cute top was a gift from my mommy: a trio of black women in different shades of brown, all sporting their unique and fly natural "hair-dos". For the hair show, my hair was braided upward to allow the stylist to attach a braided piece to it. It was a very different look for me, but I did really like it. Unfortunately, the hair was too heavy, so I didn't rock it as long as I wanted. A few days later, because I can't seem to keep a hairstyle in for too long, I removed the cornrows in an attempt to wash it. Instead, I created this fly, side-swept look. Yes, I was feeling myself! Okay, back to the clothes. When I took the shirt out of the package, I was afraid it would be too big because the medium-sized shirt looked to be more of a large. It fit just the way I liked, and the fact that it's a tee is an added plus! I love tee-shirts, and how comfortable I feel in them. Rolling the sleeves up a few times, and slightly tucking the back of the shirt in my pants, offered a more casual and relaxed favorite. These pants were purchased from Macy's. They are the same pants I'm wearing in my second blog post, but in a light blue color, and you've also seen these boots that I still would wear every day of the week if it were up to me. Feel free to check those two post out and refresh your memory if you need to :)

My lovely earrings were gifted to me, again, by mother. We visited a natural hair event around this time last year, and when I picked them up she wouldn't let me leave without them. I wasn't complaining! Because of the length, I chose to go without a necklace, and the chunky bangles were a nice touch. Listen, although I like wearing heels, I only wear them about once a week in real life. If I'm going out, I like to get a little fancy, but that doesn't happen often, so this is the norm for me. This exact outfit, with the addition of a black blazer, was worn the same night when I went out with a couple of friends, and I received compliments on my style. Most women in this generation seem to have this idea that they have to wear the shortest dresses and skirts, or the tightest jeans..breasts nearly spilling out of skimpy tops, in order to be noticed. Yes, I'll wear a "little black dress" with no problem, but I can also throw on a tee, loose fitted pants, and a pair of slightly tattered boots, and know that I'm just as beautiful.

Ladies, go be and feel beautiful, no matter what you wear. I dare you!! :)

-joia monét


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