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Sip & Thrift

Last Saturday, I attended a pop-up shop at Upscale Beauty Salon in Tempe, AZ - Sip & Thrift. My really good friend, Erika, and I were invited to enjoy a “relaxing evening of wine, vendors, and exchange”. Of course, I needed a cute, yet casual look for the event!

Off-the-shoulder tops have been my jam lately, so I decided to wear this one I purchased from Nordstrom Rack during their anniversary sale for $14.25! And as if the layered sleeves weren’t dramatic enough, I chose to add this gorgeous statement necklace I found at Burlington. Yes, Burlington!!

The space was full of beautiful women selling everything from jewelry and accessories to scented candles. I’m a sucker for art, so I took my time browsing through one of the artist's, Christanie, paintings. Once I saw this beauty, I literally couldn’t put it down! As a dancer with two sisters, who also danced, I had an instant connection, and only $40 later, it was mine!! She has tons of captivating paintings that can currently be located on her Instagram page: @cravingchristanie.

Another purchase I made was from my friend and author of “Janyra’s First Day”. This book follows an elementary student on her first day in Arizona and at her new school. She becomes ashamed of the mispronouncing of her unique name, but eventually finds the courage to correct her new friends. Though I only have 4 letters in my name, I can relate to this. Still! I cannot go one day without being mistaken for a “Julia” or a “Joanna”. No! It’s Joy-a! Shika’s book can be found at

She also signed my copy!!

All in all, it was an enjoyable time in an inspiring atmosphere. And I didn't have to sacrifice the comfort of my feet! Until next time, keep wearing what you want!

- joia monét


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