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Denim Squared - Totally!

The denim-on-denim trend is only for the expert fashionista, so I've heard. False! Whether you consider yourself a fashion rookie or a pro, this classic look can be mastered at any style level.

When pairing denim together, having two different types of wash will avoid looking too match-matchy. However, if that's the look you're going for, by all means, rock it! It's been said to wear the lighter wash at the top versus the bottom, but if you don't already know, following the rules of fashion isn't my cup of tea. The shade of denim you choose to wear also depends on if you want to cover up or flatter a specific body part. A lighter wash of denim will always draw immediate attention while a darker one will cause the area to appear slimmer.

Tucking one side of the top in will bring a bit of dimension to your double denim ensemble. A bright colored or printed belt adds a great touch as well. Because of my necklace, I opted against wearing one to keep things from becoming too distracting. With colors, our eyes will almost automatically gravitate towards them, so tons of bold colors and patterns can possibly confuse people. Yes, you read that correctly!

If you don't feel completely confident, start with a medium wash denim top like the one I'm wearing and a pair of white or black denim bottoms. I hope these tips inspire you to add a little more denim to wardrobe! There are no real rules when it comes to style because it should stem from your own personality! Also, head on over to @honeycocoaconsignment and use code Joia15 for 15% off the denim shirt and yellow bracelet!! Until next time, shop smart, be creative, and stay true to you!

- joiamonét


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