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How To: 3 Ways To Style A Cape

As we begin to approach the Spring season, I wanted to create a few looks with one of my favorite transitional pieces. This animal print cape, purchased from Forever 21, is a perfect for dressing up any look and offers just the right amount of material to provide warmth for those days that are still pretty cool.

This statement piece adds some "oomph" to an otherwise plain item, such as this simple, grey jumpsuit. If you're looking to incorporate some bold looks to your wardrobe, I highly recommend styling it with basic pieces you already have.

A pop of color with your accessories and/or shoe of choice brings balance and the overall look gives an effortlessly chic vibe.

Given the option, I almost always will choose a more casual appearance. Comfort is a top priority! This midriff top, high-waisted denim, and sneakers are a great combination on its own.

Normally, an oversized jean shirt or jacket would be my go-to outer wear, but I love stepping out of the box and going against the grain. This is another example of taking baby steps to wearing bold prints!

Now, for the holy grail!!!

Although comfort is at the top of the list, I will never, ever pass up the opportunity to serve a look! Every single item is a statement when worn alone, but piecing them all together creates something uniquely fierce! To be frank, I had a hard time finding a way to style these open leg pants with shorts attached when they were first gifted to me. Originally, I thought they should be the only part of the outfit that stood out. Y’all see how wrong I was?!!

The denim on the thigh-highs, flow of the pants, texture of the laced body suit, and dramatic costume jewelry is hands down a show-stopper. Whether it’s a fashion show, upscale event, or night out on the town with family and friends or your significant other, an ensemble inspired from this will be the topic of conversation.

There you have it ladies and gents! One fab cape styled 3 different ways. As always, shop smart, stay true to you, and wear what you want!!


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