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How-To Restyle a 3-Piece Set

Matching sets are a 70s trend that's made a steady comeback over the last 5 or 6 years. Ranging from the recently popular loungewear pants set to chic skirt-suits, they make it more efficient to find an outfit for any occasion. In today's blog, I offer some tips on how to restyle a 3 piece set, because honey, it doesn't always have to be worn together!

This soft pink set is a combination of simplicity and sophistication. The high waisted shorts compliment the cropped top by keeping the gap between them at a minimum. In addition, the cape adds a touch of class and warmth as needed. With some shorts, the ride between your thighs after only taking 3 steps is inevitable, but with the way these flare out at the bottom I don't have to worry having that problem. The boutique I purchased this from in the late winter season has since gone out of business, unfortunately. Sorry ladies!

To dress the top for a slightly casual look, I paired it with my favorite light wash, high-wasted and distressed jean. I got rid of the cape and added some color with these royal blue heels.

Style Tip: Rock a bangle or clutch that has a hint of your pop of color of choice to jazz up any outfit.

These shorts will always pair best with a cropped top, so I chose this black one with flirty bell sleeves. Instead of tying the ends of the top at the back, I wrapped them around and fastened it in the front to create a faux waist belt. This look is ideal for date night.

Lastly, I styled the cape with a white tank top, a pair of shorts from another matching set, and gym shoes. I'd use this as an example to be worn to any event that requires a lot of standing or walking. Fashion, but make it comfortable. From just one outfit, I created three new ones! I hope this inspires you to look outside of the box and have some fun with your clothes you already have or the ones you'll buy in the future.


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