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Matchmaker Matchmaker

When matching sets trend became popular in the fashion world last year, I had no intention of indulging in it. I love mixing and matching patterns and colors that it was sort of boring to me. It wasn't until I recently purchased this 2 piece set, which was going to be used solely to style one of my clients, that the fashion craze didn't seem to be that bad of an idea.

As much joy that I get from creating looks, there are times when I don't want to have to put much though into what I'm going to wear. So when I accepted an invite to a festival a couple of weekends ago, which was preceded by a brunch outing on an outside patio, pulling out this outfit was as easy and simple as 1,2,3!

I especially enjoyed the light, polyester material that allowed some breathing room as it was a pretty warm, Phoenix day. I already owned the perfect pair of tennies that I got from Target, and to add a little "extra" to the outfit, I wore this thrifted Steven Madden floral backpack.

To dress this look up a bit, I quickly tucked in top to create a "romper affect", and traded the flats for these tan block heels. This floral handbag kept with the theme, and these clear lens glasses add just a hint of sass.

When you want to step up your day look a notch, but you don't want or have the time to do an entire wardrobe change, keep this tips for a matching set in mind!!


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